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Government Office Electronics Recycling

government safe hard drive shredding

Is your government agency replacing the technology in the office? Technology should be updated every couple of years to maintain a modern work environment. But what happens to your old tech? Keeping it locked away may provide security but it will clog up needed space.

You need to ensure that this equipment is removed and recycled. Our Government office electronics recycling service provides an efficient effective solution that city, state and federal, governmental organizations can trust and rely on.

Be Careful Recycling Old Office  Equipment

There are three clear reasons why government office electronics recycling should be a top priority. First, in many states you are legally required to safely recycle old electronics that you no longer use. Failing to do so could result in fines and penalties.

Second, many of your electronics will include toxic substances. Dumping them in a landfill can be dangerous and ultimately create an environmental nightmare.

Third, your electronics may contain sensitive government data that must be destroyed effectively without any room for fault or failure.

At Southeastern data, we can handle all these issues with ease. We will make sure that any sensitive data is effectively destroyed while recycling your equipment according to state regulations and ensuring a green-friendly solution. Our solution is completely sustainable and accessible to government agencies who require their old tech to be managed and recycled the right way.

Providing Value For Your Assets

We understand the struggle government agencies face. They are under constant pressure to adhere to health and safety regulations while also keeping a healthy bottom line. We can assist you here, ensuring that you are given value back on old tech that still has worth. If your old tech can be salvaged we provide asset management and provide fantastic cost savings.

Need On-Site Shredding?

Not a problem. We know that some government agencies can not afford to let the tech leave the property without being fully destroyed. That’s why we can offer on location mobile hard-drive shredding service. When we leave the property, you can be assured that the hard drives are completely unsalvageable. We also provide secure off-site destruction that can be monitored and deliver complete reports on any work we complete for you.

As such, you can always be assured that any sensitive data is no longer recoverable and has been completely destroyed.

Fast Turn Around Guaranteed

We know government agencies can’t afford to wait weeks for tech to be recycled, shredded or destroyed. That’s why at Southeastern Data we guarantee a fast turnaround for this service. If you need our solution, we will make sure we arrange the removal or destruction of your old tech as quickly as possible. As well as this, we can operate around your schedule and ensure that you don’t have to worry about it interfering with the workday. Even on-site destruction can be a smooth, stress free process that will be handled with speed and care.

If you are interested in learning more about the solution we provide, contact our team now. We can deliver on special requests from governmental agencies and ensure they are given exactly is required from our service.

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