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Refreshing Business Computers

When It’s Time to Refresh Computers, Businesses Should Include These 3 Steps in their Plan

Southeastern data computer recyclingTechnology is changing with great speed. Office electronics, especially computers, become outdated every few years—and the cycle is becoming even shorter. What do you do when it’s time to refresh and upgrade devices in your office? By including these three steps in your plan, you can:

  • take the stress out of upgrading
  • protect your corporate data
  • have a solid e-recycling and disposal plan.



IT departments, computer specialists, office managers, or computer experts will study the systems currently available and do a usage and cost analysis as it relates to your corporate enviroment. Once the new equipment has been decided upon and purchased, it will be time to customize it to your specific needs and the corporate enviroment, and then you use the following 3 STEPS  to plan the disposal of the older devices and computers.


STEP ONE:    Before getting rid of anything, make sure that you have redundant backups for all office computers.

STEP TWO:    Wipe or destroy the data and files stored on each device.

STEP THREE:    Collect and pack your old equipment for recycling.



Recycling outdated computers is an immediate step that every business can take to improve their carbon footprint and otherwise help the environment. Computers and Electronic products are made from valuable resources and materials, including rare earth metals, plastics, and componets, all of which require energy to mine and manufacture. On the other hand, these same materials can become toxic if not disposed of properly and should not be dumped in landfills.

Some states will impose heavy fines and fees to corporations that fail to recycle its e-waste.



Southeastern Data electronic recycling


It’s important for your company’s security to choose the right e-recycling company. The last thing any company needs is to send their old computers to an uncertified, unprofessional and unsecure recycling outfit.

Today there are several standards specific to the recycling industry enforced by the EPA and other certifications like ISO14001. These agencys ensure quality standards throughout the company and material is handled exactly within top line specifications.

We recommend using an electronics recycler who participates in the e-recycling and quality cerfitication programs. It gives consumers and businesses the assurance that their used computrs and electronics will be handled in a safe and environmentally responsible way.


 Largest Areas of Concerns around E-Recycling Computers

The area of largest concern to most businesses when they recycle their old computers is security. Will their data be completely wiped out?

A number of ways exist to erase or eradicate the data stored on hard drives or other data-containing devices, such as cell phones, hard-drives, printers and computers. Data destruction processes may range from software based data wiping to the physical destruction and shredding. Any reputable ewaste recycler will be able to give you the details of their data destruction policies and procedures.

When it comes time to recycle your office equipment or computers, following these steps will ensure safety and peace of mind and depending on your location and the amount of electronics, some recyclers will provide help with removal and pick-up services that same week.