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Some Common Recycling and Going Green Myths

Going green is a smart idea, as long as you don’t fall for any of these misconceptions:

#1 Myth: Going green will cost me too much money.

Fact: Some green products can be costly, but most are not. Furthermore, over the long haul, developing green habits saves money.

The Cell-Phone Charged by Dirt Microbes

The wizards over at Harvard are at it again, as they are working on the world’s first dirt-charging system which would allow many more people access to a cell phone. With how much we use our cell phones to make calls, browse the web and text, it is unimaginable that someone might not have one.

However, that is exactly what many developing countries are faced with. This probably seems rather insignificant compared to the other problems of these areas, like hunger, disease and low birth rates, but having access to a cell phone can link these countries to the health care they so desperately need.

Bill Gates Masterminds Microsoft’s Purchase of Skype

After Microsoft announced their acquisition of Skype for the hefty sum of $8.5 billion, there were many questions that needed to be answered. Why was the cost inflated? Was Microsoft bidding against anyone else? Who was behind it all?

Well, we got the answer to one of those questions, and it isn’t all that surprising. The Chairman of the Board for Microsoft, Bill Gates announced himself as being a strong force at the executive level for getting this deal done.

New Earbud Balloon Will Protect Sensitive Eardrums

Anyone who owns a pair of earbuds suffers from listener fatigue at some point. The many manufacturers of these products are constantly trying new configurations to combat this problem, with varying results.

Asius Technologies researchers are now saying that the discomfort we feel after long periods of time spent listening through our earphones is not due to a faulty design or excessive volume, but is due to what they call “acoustic reflex.”

UPS To Unveil New Plastic Truck

UPS is faced with the task of trying to deliver packages in the most cost-effective way possible. In 2010, they announced a lofty goal. They vowed to increase the fuel efficiency of its fleet by 20 percent before the year 2020. The easiest path to achieving this is combining trucks powered by natural gas with ones that are hybrid electric.