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$430M Mill for Recycled Containerboard in the Making

A small group of businesses is spending over $430 million to construct a 100% recycled containerboard mill. The mill will be located in Niagara Falls, New York.

Cascades Inc., a packaging and tissue maker is teaming with a Canadian financial company, a packaging company called Jamestown Container and one other industry partner on this project.

New GPS Handheld allows you to Send Text Messages When your Phone Can’t

A new handheld GPS unit by Delorme allows you to send short text messages, even if your cell phone is not receiving a signal. It is the new InReach Global Positioning System Communicator, and it can keep you in touch with society, even when you are out in the vast wilderness.

As you might expect, it is done through satellites. Delorme has partnered with satellite phone provider Iridium to present a messaging package at 10 bucks a month.

MySpace Unloaded for a Whopping Loss

News Corp has finally found a buyer for MySpace, the (formerly) premiere social network. The reported selling price is around $35 million. That may sound like a lot, but it comes out to less than seven cents on the dollar from what News Corp shelled out six years previous.

Google+ Beating Facebook When it comes to Privacy – For Now

Google’s answer to Facebook debuted on Tuesday, named Google+. The internet giant is presenting it as a Facebook alternative.

Facebook’s most glaring weakness has always been privacy, with its practices constantly under attack as being self-serving, ever-mutating and confusing. Privacy controls continue to be hard to navigate, regardless of their efforts to simplify things. For example, there is a button to click if you don’t want your “Likes” included with ads; good luck finding it!