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There has been a growing concern for a number of years about what can be done to be more ‘eco-friendly’ and have less of an impact on our environment. The President has even created a green jobs program to promote industry that offers incentives for businesses to operate in a more ecological friendly way.

We own lots of home appliances and toys these days, but do you ever wonder exactly how they work. Youtube user, bitonioj, mounted a GoPro inside of a dishwasher for a full cycle.

Oddly enough, the results are quite interesting. Apparently, dishwashers can clean dishes and cameras too.

It’s amazing what one man can do when he has too much time on his hands. You have to admit though, this is not easy to pull off for even the most talented musician.

What will they think of next. For those of us who keep forgetting to drink, which they say is most of us, Vitel has come up with an ingenious way to remind us to have a drink of water. They’re hoping the design will motivate behavior to drink more water. Interesting concept and a possible answer to get us drinking more of what we need.

If superconductivity and the possibilities for it interests you, there is a short video to see some of the latest research into this interesting field. What may someday actually produce a real Hoverboard is shown for you to watch. The video was filmed a while ago, but is still relevant.