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Google’s Purchase of Motorola Mobility has Future Implications

Google stunned the globe on August 15th by agreeing on a $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility. Google will dip into their $39 billion cash reserve to purchase the initial phone manufacturer to prominently support the Android operating system. Android has been hit from all sides by Microsoft, Apple and many others with a stake on the smartphone market.

AT&T Working to Simplify Their Texting Plans

Most of the mobile phones in the world are still of the “dumbphone” variety, so SMS won’t be going anywhere too soon.

AT&T has confirmed that they will be trimming the fat off their service plans, presenting customers with either an unlimited monthly plan with a set monthly cost, or a plan to pay for each text message.

The Sims Meets Facebook

Take the world’s largest social networking site and add the most popular and best selling PC game franchise ever; what do you get?

You get a ton of people who are experiencing the “life” and then sharing it with their Facebook friends.

Meet “The Sims Social,” which takes this classic simulation PC game and makes it into the social experience that gives its players the ability to interact with each other in whole new ways.