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Here are more great contests for small businesses to enter.

Next Gig Business Idea Contest is awarding Amazon gift cards for the best business ideas posted through a blog comment.

There is never a shortage of awards and contests that are geared towards the small business owner. Let’s take a look at a few ongoing promotions.

Avaya Small Business Innovators Contest

Here are some more great ways to save some green while helping the entire earth to remain sustainable.

Google’s Android is now the most frequently attacked platform, overtaking Java Micro Edition, according to McAfee’s quarterly report on threats.

Of the 1,200 samples of mobile malware analyzed and collected by McAfee Labs in 2011 Q2, nearly 60 percent were said to be aimed at the Android. McAfee says that while mobile malware is a miniscule portion of the malware market, it is clear that criminals prefer to target Android.

Photobucket has introduced a cool new mobile application. It allows a user to upload a mobile picture to the photo-sharing site automatically. Who wouldn’t love that? Korey Heess probably doesn’t care for it, as this genius apparently snapped a self-portrait that the police used to nab him as a smartphone crook.