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Microsoft Pushes Harder for Windows 7 Sales

Microsoft has announced the end of software support for Windows Vista SP1. Vista has had many documented issues and has not been well received by computer users worldwide. Vista’s days were numbered as soon as the operating system hit the shelves. The OS had many complaints form the start. Many Microsoft users reverted to Windows XP immediately and never gave Vista a second look.

Manage Your Business from Your iPad

From small to large companies, the Apple iPad is up to task of managing your business. Here is a list of some of the top business apps and what they do.

  1. Pages – Word processing application that is similar to Microsoft Word.
  2. Numbers – Spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel
  3. Keynote – Presentations a la Power Point

Is Twitter Soon-to-be Obsolete?

Twitter has been around for five years now, and has been known as a true social media success story.

Twitter features over 200 million subscribers and sees well over 300 billion “tweets” per day. You can barely watch a movie or television show today and not see a reference to Twitter in some way.

New OnStar FMV Turns for Mirror into a Road Partner

How cool would it be if your rear view mirror could double as a security system, navigator, GPS and heads-up display, all-in-one? Thanks to the OnStar FMV (For My Vehicle) you don’t have to dream of it anymore. This is the first mirror ever packed with OnStar’s full range of services and features. It has all the same features you would find in the regular OnStar in newer vehicles, except this is compatible with over 90 million older model cars, vans and trucks on the road.

The Gro-Clock: A Child’s Perfect Sleep Trainer

Getting an infant to sleep is easy. That is what they do; they sleep and get up, sleep, and get up. The challenge comes along when they hit toddler age. Toddlers are busy during the day and need to get to bed early and recharge for the next day. Getting a toddler to understand this is the hard part. If this sounds like your little one, then check out the sleep trainer for children, the Gro-Clock.