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As rioting continued to rule London streets, local police have turned to the Internet to help uncover the identity of those who are wreaking havoc in their city.

On Tuesday, the MPL (Metropolitan Police of London) posted various photos on Flickr which showed people they think have participated in rioting and looting. As of now, the photos are focused on the West Norwood and Croydon neighborhoods, though more photos are expected to be posted soon.

It may be time for shareholders of Pier 1 Imports to pop the cork on that champagne they have been saving. The less-than-profitable home-furnishings seller, which has been beset by rapid sales declines and a shrinking margin, was given a stock upgrade by Goldman Sachs Group on June 12th.

Adrianne Shapira, a top Goldman analyst, and her group upgraded Pier 1 from neutral to buy, and added their stock onto their Americas Conviction List.

I know what you are thinking. Didn’t Firefox 5 just come out? You aren’t going crazy, it did just get released. The Firefox 6 won’t offer much in the way of changes, but Mozilla claims it is packed with performance tweaks. The most obvious addition is highlighting within the address bar.

Following aggressive updates by Google Chrome and other rivals, Firefox 6 comes along just two months after we were given Firefox 5, which followed Firefox 4 by a mere four months itself. And even with Firefox 6 soon hitting computer screens everywhere, Firefox 7 has just been released as a beta.

Google stunned the globe on August 15th by agreeing on a $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility. Google will dip into their $39 billion cash reserve to purchase the initial phone manufacturer to prominently support the Android operating system. Android has been hit from all sides by Microsoft, Apple and many others with a stake on the smartphone market.

Most of the mobile phones in the world are still of the “dumbphone” variety, so SMS won’t be going anywhere too soon.

AT&T has confirmed that they will be trimming the fat off their service plans, presenting customers with either an unlimited monthly plan with a set monthly cost, or a plan to pay for each text message.