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UPS is faced with the task of trying to deliver packages in the most cost-effective way possible. In 2010, they announced a lofty goal. They vowed to increase the fuel efficiency of its fleet by 20 percent before the year 2020. The easiest path to achieving this is combining trucks powered by natural gas with ones that are hybrid electric.

After months upon months of consumers wondering what their iPad is really for, we finally have that long-awaited answer. That answer, my friends, is kittens.

You read that correctly, the iPad has had three separate apps designed exclusively for the purpose of entertaining cats. The apps were created by Friskies cat food (what a shocker), and are goofy little games that encourage the kitten to interact with what is happening on the screen.

There is no shortage of great features when it comes to enticing customers to buy the PlayStation 3. From the integrated Blu-ray player to their state-of-the-art 3D gaming experience, you would think that status-quo would be good enough. Apparently, that is not the case, because PlayStation is offering yet another reason to join the family.

Within a few weeks, we may see a new service for music-streaming being launched, as a partnership has developed between Spotify and Facebook. It is still being tested, but once launched, users will notice an icon for Spotify mixed in with their usual icons.

A fairly reliable source says that Apple is designing a new MacBook that will be powered by Apple’s own A5 chips, taken directly from the iPad. Should Intel be concerned with this?