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Swiss researchers have invented a small three-phase motor that may be used as the power-source for a new breed of wristwatches. These watches could then operate as GPS units, app devices or mobile phones. These are activities that normally require quite a bit of energy, and can be costly and overbearing, but this micro-electromechanical system can be more than enough.

At Lausanne’s Swiss Federal Institute, researchers have invented this small motor, which is said to put out over three times the energy as that of a typical motor.

Are you concerned with internet privacy? You should be, and it’s worse than you imagined! With newly invented technology for facial recognition, your tagged Facebook photos may help the authorities, or even a stranger, ID you while you walk down the street.

Apple is facing a class-action suit, which accuses the company with conspiring to jack up the prices on e-books. A law firm in Seattle is targeting Apple in part because of their dominance of tablet and smartphone sales, according to the managing director of the firm.

Cisco’s sales climbed slightly, but their net income took a hit from the previous year’s figures. Profit for the fourth fiscal quarter dropped one-third from Q4 of the previous year, and sales only rose by 3.3 percent, as reported by the company on Wednesday.

Net fourth quarter income ended on June 30th, and sat at $1.2 billion, down over 36 percent from the previous year’s figure of $1.9 billion. Earnings for each share declined as well, by over 33 percent, to 22 cents a share, down from 33 cents a year ago.

Meet Sifteo cubes. Lay these in front of someone who has never seen them and you will get some surprised reactions.

Sifteo cubes are plastic white cubes that have clickable screens which can communicate wirelessly with each other.