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The Gro-Clock: A Child’s Perfect Sleep Trainer

Getting an infant to sleep is easy. That is what they do; they sleep and get up, sleep, and get up. The challenge comes along when they hit toddler age. Toddlers are busy during the day and need to get to bed early and recharge for the next day. Getting a toddler to understand this is the hard part. If this sounds like your little one, then check out the sleep trainer for children, the Gro-Clock.

Job-Search Behavior to Avoid: Part 2

Here are a few more real-life examples of what to avoid when job-hunting.

Don’t sell yourself Short

This is an actual story from a friend at a placement agency. She had a short list of two finalists for a sweet sales management position. She just got finished discussing the opening with her hiring manager, who told her that “Frank” was most likely getting the job.

Job-Search Behavior to Avoid: Part 1

Our economy may be slowly recovering, but employers are still slow to offer jobs and hire new employees. This can be highly frustrating for job seekers, and makes it all that much more important to not act in a counterproductive way if you do secure an interview. Here are a few things you definitely want to avoid, based on real stories from employers.

Your Next Tweet Could be worth $37,000

Attention business school students, get ready to start tweeting. Iowa University Business School is adding a twist to their application process, asking prospective students to impress them with their Twitter acumen. The student who they feel answers their “application tweet” via Twitter in the most creative manner will be awarded a full $37,000 tuition package.

Information Leaks out on the New Sony Tablets

An inside company source has come forward with Sony’s plans for the Android devices, and tells us that there will be four S1 versions available at the launch: 16GB Wi-Fi; 16GB 3G and Wi-Fi; 32GB Wi-Fi; and 32GB 3G and Wi-Fi. The S2 will have both the 16GB and 32GB versions, both with 3G and Wi-Fi, but no Wi-Fi-only version. The S1 tablet is said to have a full SD card reader for added storage.