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The New iPad Apps for Kittens

After months upon months of consumers wondering what their iPad is really for, we finally have that long-awaited answer. That answer, my friends, is kittens.

You read that correctly, the iPad has had three separate apps designed exclusively for the purpose of entertaining cats. The apps were created by Friskies cat food (what a shocker), and are goofy little games that encourage the kitten to interact with what is happening on the screen.

PlayStation 3 to Offer a Call of Duty: Black Ops Bundle

There is no shortage of great features when it comes to enticing customers to buy the PlayStation 3. From the integrated Blu-ray player to their state-of-the-art 3D gaming experience, you would think that status-quo would be good enough. Apparently, that is not the case, because PlayStation is offering yet another reason to join the family.

Is Your Desk Job Making You Fat?

You can add working behind a desk to the constantly growing list of reasons why Americans are overweight. A recent study says that a lack of physical activity in the workplace over the last five decades has led to a record obesity rate in the United States.

The reason why is actually fairly clear to see. Less than 20 percent of today’s jobs in private industry require a moderate level of physical exertion.