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How cool would it be if your rear view mirror could double as a security system, navigator, GPS and heads-up display, all-in-one? Thanks to the OnStar FMV (For My Vehicle) you don’t have to dream of it anymore. This is the first mirror ever packed with OnStar’s full range of services and features. It has all the same features you would find in the regular OnStar in newer vehicles, except this is compatible with over 90 million older model cars, vans and trucks on the road.

Getting an infant to sleep is easy. That is what they do; they sleep and get up, sleep, and get up. The challenge comes along when they hit toddler age. Toddlers are busy during the day and need to get to bed early and recharge for the next day. Getting a toddler to understand this is the hard part. If this sounds like your little one, then check out the sleep trainer for children, the Gro-Clock.

Attention business school students, get ready to start tweeting. Iowa University Business School is adding a twist to their application process, asking prospective students to impress them with their Twitter acumen. The student who they feel answers their “application tweet” via Twitter in the most creative manner will be awarded a full $37,000 tuition package.

An inside company source has come forward with Sony’s plans for the Android devices, and tells us that there will be four S1 versions available at the launch: 16GB Wi-Fi; 16GB 3G and Wi-Fi; 32GB Wi-Fi; and 32GB 3G and Wi-Fi. The S2 will have both the 16GB and 32GB versions, both with 3G and Wi-Fi, but no Wi-Fi-only version. The S1 tablet is said to have a full SD card reader for added storage.

Foxconn, a manufacturer of parts used for the Apple iPad and iPhone, says it intends to replace employees with over a million robots over the next three years.

The robots are to be assigned basic tasks that would normally be done by a human worker, such as assembling parts or welding. Foxconn currently utilizes 10,000 robots, and intends to increase this number to 300,000 within a year, and a million within three years.

By making this move, they hope to improve efficiency and cut labor costs, according to the CEO of Foxconn, Terry Gou.

Swiss researchers have invented a small three-phase motor that may be used as the power-source for a new breed of wristwatches. These watches could then operate as GPS units, app devices or mobile phones. These are activities that normally require quite a bit of energy, and can be costly and overbearing, but this micro-electromechanical system can be more than enough.

At Lausanne’s Swiss Federal Institute, researchers have invented this small motor, which is said to put out over three times the energy as that of a typical motor.

Are you concerned with internet privacy? You should be, and it’s worse than you imagined! With newly invented technology for facial recognition, your tagged Facebook photos may help the authorities, or even a stranger, ID you while you walk down the street.

Meet Sifteo cubes. Lay these in front of someone who has never seen them and you will get some surprised reactions.

Sifteo cubes are plastic white cubes that have clickable screens which can communicate wirelessly with each other.

As rioting continued to rule London streets, local police have turned to the Internet to help uncover the identity of those who are wreaking havoc in their city.

On Tuesday, the MPL (Metropolitan Police of London) posted various photos on Flickr which showed people they think have participated in rioting and looting. As of now, the photos are focused on the West Norwood and Croydon neighborhoods, though more photos are expected to be posted soon.

I know what you are thinking. Didn’t Firefox 5 just come out? You aren’t going crazy, it did just get released. The Firefox 6 won’t offer much in the way of changes, but Mozilla claims it is packed with performance tweaks. The most obvious addition is highlighting within the address bar.

Following aggressive updates by Google Chrome and other rivals, Firefox 6 comes along just two months after we were given Firefox 5, which followed Firefox 4 by a mere four months itself. And even with Firefox 6 soon hitting computer screens everywhere, Firefox 7 has just been released as a beta.