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Hasbro’s brand new My3D goggles are an affordable and simple upgrade to the world of 3-D, and at first glance this looks incredibly fun.

A new handheld GPS unit by Delorme allows you to send short text messages, even if your cell phone is not receiving a signal. It is the new InReach Global Positioning System Communicator, and it can keep you in touch with society, even when you are out in the vast wilderness.

As you might expect, it is done through satellites. Delorme has partnered with satellite phone provider Iridium to present a messaging package at 10 bucks a month.

Microsoft’s Skype acquisition for $8.5 billion hasn’t even been declared official yet, but that hasn’t stopped them from working behind the scenes to become more ubiquitous. An anonymous source says that Facebook is about to launch a video chat service, powered by, who else, Skype.

The “Infinite Loop” was invented by Tim Gushue and is a flexible tablet stand in every sense. If you know anything about the “flexible curve” commonly used with woodworking and drawing, then you have a good idea on this design.

The bendable plastic strip measured four feet in length and has a metal core running through the center. This combination allows a user to bend and shape it into any form they choose to support a tablet.

We have all seen self-service bicycle stations before, but at the Minneapolis Uptown Transit Station they have one that is worth taking note of: The Fixtation.

The Fixtation is more than just a bike repair station. It has everything you would expect it to, like Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, wheel wrench, adjustable wrenches, tire levers and even a no-cost pump to firm up those tires. But wait, there’s more.

Apple has announced that their store has now served over 15 billion app downloads.

According to official statistics, their store has grown from zero apps to over 400,000 in the past three years, with a quarter of those being native to the iPad.

These are impressive figures any way you slice it, but looking at them another way makes it even more interesting. Apple lists 200 million iOS users globally, meaning that each user averages 75 apps.

According to a Nielsen study, iPhone users spend twice as much time gaming on their phones as a typical mobile gamer. The study also shows that over 90 percent of app downloaders spent money on a game over the last month, with iOS users being the most engaged.

Microsoft has announced the end of software support for Windows Vista SP1. Vista has had many documented issues and has not been well received by computer users worldwide. Vista’s days were numbered as soon as the operating system hit the shelves. The OS had many complaints form the start. Many Microsoft users reverted to Windows XP immediately and never gave Vista a second look.

From small to large companies, the Apple iPad is up to task of managing your business. Here is a list of some of the top business apps and what they do.

  1. Pages – Word processing application that is similar to Microsoft Word.
  2. Numbers – Spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel
  3. Keynote – Presentations a la Power Point

Twitter has been around for five years now, and has been known as a true social media success story.

Twitter features over 200 million subscribers and sees well over 300 billion “tweets” per day. You can barely watch a movie or television show today and not see a reference to Twitter in some way.