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With the new Google Wallet app, you will soon be able save and pay using just your phone. It is currently being field tested and may be released soon. Google is using this as a key tool in their goal to improve the shopping experience for customers and businesses alike.

With the growth of smart devices and mobile apps, pretty much everyone on the planet has a theory on how to devise a mobile application. Along with these thoughts comes the notion that it could be an instant hit, allowing the person to quit their 9-5 grind. There have been a few people who have retired on the money they made from designing apps, but for most people it remains merely a dream. I can’t tell you how to design the perfect app, but here are a few helpful tips:

The curtain has been raised on PlayStation’s latest creation, the Vita. This is the next generation of its portable gaming system.

The device was originally nicknamed the “NGP” in an attempt to keep its design a secret. It was debuted in Los Angeles at the Sony E3 conference, and looks identical to the prototype that was leaked earlier in 2011.

This successor to the PSP will have a 5-inch touch screen, dual analog sticks, rear controls, 6-axis sensors and dual-facing cameras. It is also said to operate on a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor.

Apple has just introduced many new features for its iOS 5, as well as complimentary cloud storage. Google just introduced a new touch and pay program for their Android phones last week. What about the third major player? What has RIM been up to?

Well, there was the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). They have dedicated most of their recent legal efforts, display ads and commercials to this feature offering unlimited chat for its customers.

According to a new Forrester Research report, world-wide companies are looking to spend just as much on brand new software as they are to maintain their current systems. The study shows that half of all IT budgets will be invested in new initiatives.

Business intelligence will continue to be a priority as nearly 40 percent of respondents said they will install new products. Half of all people are still planning to roll with standard dashboard and operating tools, but more advanced tools are rapidly gaining.

When it comes to tracking, RFID chips may be as good as chocolate cake. So, what if this chip was located inside the cake?

Hannes Harms, a London art student has developed the NutriSmart system, including an RFID chip you can eat. Upon eating the food that contained the chip, information concerning the food is sent to either a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or a personal computer.

United Airlines was forced to cancel scheduled flights this past Friday evening following a computer crash that impacted crucial systems, including its website, reservations and flight departures.

The 5-hour blackout was fixed at about 1 a.m. Saturday, although the airline anticipates lingering logistical issues for the next few days.

Anyone that has experienced a long overnight flight knows that it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you can endure. HyperMach, a United Kingdom based aerospace business, is looking to ease this pain a bit, for anyone who can afford it anyway. They unveiled their new supersonic jet for business travel at the recently help Paris Air Show.

Although we do still see the occasional person tooling around on a Segway, let’s face it; it hasn’t quite become the revolution we thought it would be. Marcelo Fornaso, an inventor from Argentina, has created the TILTO, inspired by the concept behind the Segway.


The rigid platform and unforgiving wheels will be replaced with tilting mechanisms and no steering wheel or handlebars. It will accommodate one person and is completely electric, with a maximum speed of 12 mph and a range of just over 9 miles.

If you don’t have the funds for a Wii, or perhaps just like being wasteful of paper, Receipt Racer is just the thing for you. Designed by Josh Noble, Receipt Racer is enjoyed on paper being churned out by a receipt printer. The printer spits out a racetrack featuring random obstacles which must be avoided by utilizing a controller to maneuver a car that projects onto the paper through a light beam.