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How Frequently do You Purchase a New Cell Phone?

Take a quick poll of your fiends and family. Find out if any of them currently do not own a cell phone. Did you come up with anyone, besides your elderly grandparent who misses the days when there was no such thing as television and cell phones?

It’s true, everyone has a cellular phone nowadays, but does anyone stop to think of the impact our discarded phones are having on the environment? Over 140 million cell phones find their way into landfills every year.

Think of all the times you switched carriers: new phone. Each time you extended your contract with your current carrier: new phone. Your 5-year-old tossed your Blackberry in the bathtub: new phone.

Sadly, if you didn’t choose a quality electronics recycler to handle these outdated or broken products, they are now buried in a landfill, poisoning our water, air and land.