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The Cell-Phone Charged by Dirt Microbes

The wizards over at Harvard are at it again, as they are working on the world’s first dirt-charging system which would allow many more people access to a cell phone. With how much we use our cell phones to make calls, browse the web and text, it is unimaginable that someone might not have one.

However, that is exactly what many developing countries are faced with. This probably seems rather insignificant compared to the other problems of these areas, like hunger, disease and low birth rates, but having access to a cell phone can link these countries to the health care they so desperately need.

For these nations, being able to use a cell phone can give them access to a health care physician, or even a healthcare app on the phone itself. The problem is that the electrical system in these areas makes it near impossible to keep a phone charged and working.

This is where the Harvard team, led by Dr. Aviva Presser Aiden comes in, as their new dirt-charging system will harness power from the microbes within the soil.