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Bill Gates Masterminds Microsoft’s Purchase of Skype

After Microsoft announced their acquisition of Skype for the hefty sum of $8.5 billion, there were many questions that needed to be answered. Why was the cost inflated? Was Microsoft bidding against anyone else? Who was behind it all?

Well, we got the answer to one of those questions, and it isn’t all that surprising. The Chairman of the Board for Microsoft, Bill Gates announced himself as being a strong force at the executive level for getting this deal done.

For those wondering how this will affect Skype users, fellow Microsoft board member Steve Ballmer insists that his team will continue Skype client support on platforms that are not Microsoft products.

This is the third time Skype has been sold since 2005. It was originally purchased by eBay for $2.5 billion in ‘05, who in turn sold it in 2009 to Silver Lake for $2.75 billion. The newly created Microsoft Skype Division gives the software a permanent location.