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New Earbud Balloon Will Protect Sensitive Eardrums

Anyone who owns a pair of earbuds suffers from listener fatigue at some point. The many manufacturers of these products are constantly trying new configurations to combat this problem, with varying results.

Asius Technologies researchers are now saying that the discomfort we feel after long periods of time spent listening through our earphones is not due to a faulty design or excessive volume, but is due to what they call “acoustic reflex.”

Their research shows that when we play music through our earbuds, the muscles in our ears strain to lessen the sound level by approximately 50 decibels, which of course causes us to crank it up to an even louder eardrum-rattling level.

To fight this, Asius has created the ADEL (Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens), a polymer balloon which is attached to the earbuds. Asius official Samuel Gido says that the ADEL acts like a secondary eardrum, absorbing the sound and steering it away from your ear’s sensitive regions.