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Facebook Teaming up With Spotify to Launch Music Service

Within a few weeks, we may see a new service for music-streaming being launched, as a partnership has developed between Spotify and Facebook. It is still being tested, but once launched, users will notice an icon for Spotify mixed in with their usual icons.

By clicking this icon, the service will be installed to the desktop and allow a user to play directly from the Spotify library, through Facebook. Sources say that Facebook users will be able to simultaneously listen to their music over the network with their buddies and friends.

This partnership is just another clue of Facebook’s attempt to become a world-wide media hub for music and movies. In March of 2010, Warner Brothers announced that movies would be available for renting and streaming through Facebook, utilizing Facebook credits.

Before you get too excited though: Spotify still has some details to iron out with stateside music labels before this will be available to users in the U.S.