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Is Apple Parting Ways With Intel?

A fairly reliable source says that Apple is designing a new MacBook that will be powered by Apple’s own A5 chips, taken directly from the iPad. Should Intel be concerned with this?

The Japanese publication Macotakara, who has been very successful in the past with predicting upcoming Apple maneuvers, says that Apple is testing a MacBook Arm in their labs that runs on an Apple-branded chip, rather than that of their long-term partner Intel. Does this indicate that Apple has a new A5-run MacBook prototype to unveil to the public?

One of two things is true, and we will know which very soon. Apple is either about to announce they are splitting with Intel, and will soon offer us a MacBook that can run for a full day, or they are just trying out a concept that they may present down the road, once they are sure the ARM chips can offer the same power delivery of the Intel silicon chip. The latter scenario seems more likely, but who knows?