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Google Wallet Turns your Phone into a Wallet

With the new Google Wallet app, you will soon be able save and pay using just your phone. It is currently being field tested and may be released soon. Google is using this as a key tool in their goal to improve the shopping experience for customers and businesses alike.

Its aim is to make it easier for a consumer to make a purchase, while allowing merchants even more ways of offering coupons or loyalty program discounts to their customers. It will help to bridge the online-offline commerce industries.

Google Wallet will be a mobile application, meaning it will be able to do much more than your regular wallet. You will have the capability to store everything from gift cards, loyalty cards, credit cards, coupons and offers. You would simply tap on the app to pay and the phone will redeem any applicable offers and apply any loyalty rewards.

The goal of Google Wallet is to someday be able to store things like boarding passes and tickets.