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The Newest in Food Monitoring: An Edible RFID Tag

When it comes to tracking, RFID chips may be as good as chocolate cake. So, what if this chip was located inside the cake?

Hannes Harms, a London art student has developed the NutriSmart system, including an RFID chip you can eat. Upon eating the food that contained the chip, information concerning the food is sent to either a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or a personal computer.

The concept is that this can transmit ingredients and nutritional data for people with allergies, or count calories for dieting people, or even warn you of food that has spoiled. It may even be utilized as a marketing tool for organic products, telling people exactly where their food came from.

There are of course many questions and concerns, one of which is price. RFID chips could be manufactured in mass quantities at a low price, but adding even a dollar to an item you chose off the dollar menu is not something most people will volunteer to do.