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HyperMach Business Jet Unveiled

Anyone that has experienced a long overnight flight knows that it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you can endure. HyperMach, a United Kingdom based aerospace business, is looking to ease this pain a bit, for anyone who can afford it anyway. They unveiled their new supersonic jet for business travel at the recently help Paris Air Show.

It will be able to travel over Mach 3 speed at a 60,000 foot altitude, allowing it to transport folks from Paris to New York in less than two hours. This same trek currently takes in excess of twenty hours.

Passenger capacity will be far greater than a typical commercial airline, and the interior can have custom fittings added. There will also be cabin-sized medical supply areas with cryogenic capabilities.

The cost? A cool $80 million. The initial flight is tentatively scheduled for June of 2021.