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Turning your iPhone into a 3-D Gaming System

Hasbro’s brand new My3D goggles are an affordable and simple upgrade to the world of 3-D, and at first glance this looks incredibly fun.


How it Works

The 3-D goggles are the first to ever use the processing power of an iPhone to design immersive three-dimensional games. The viewer itself is much like those old View-Masters we all had as a kid, with a wall separating each eye, tricking your brain into thinking you are seeing in depth. Your iOS device goes into the rear of the goggles, with your thumbs placed in holes in the underside of the goggles to access touch controls for shooting or menu selection.

The cost will be $35, which will include the goggles and seven application downloads.

The Verdict

It is so incredibly simple that I have to wonder why it has taken this long to invent this. The only drawback is that you need to make sure you are clear of all obstacles when playing, as you won’t be able to stand still while using them.