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New GPS Handheld allows you to Send Text Messages When your Phone Can’t

A new handheld GPS unit by Delorme allows you to send short text messages, even if your cell phone is not receiving a signal. It is the new InReach Global Positioning System Communicator, and it can keep you in touch with society, even when you are out in the vast wilderness.

As you might expect, it is done through satellites. Delorme has partnered with satellite phone provider Iridium to present a messaging package at 10 bucks a month.

It can be utilized in one of two ways. First off, you can preset up to three messages before heading out and then send them from the device. You could also send an SOS message and be alerted when it has been received.

Also, if you use an Android phone, it and your GPS can be linked to send a 160-character e-mail, alerting you when it is received. This same method could even allow you to post on your Twitter account.