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Facebook Poised to Unveil Skype-Powered Video Chat

Microsoft’s Skype acquisition for $8.5 billion hasn’t even been declared official yet, but that hasn’t stopped them from working behind the scenes to become more ubiquitous. An anonymous source says that Facebook is about to launch a video chat service, powered by, who else, Skype.

The service will be primarily browser-based, but may also have at least one desktop component. The first reactions have been unsurprising since video chat seems like a logical Facebook extension, not to mention the $240 million that was invested into Facebook by Microsoft in 2007.

To add to the rumors, Facebook sent invitations last week for an upcoming event, with Mark Zuckerberg clearly stating that a new product would be unveiled by its Seattle team. Seattle is of course the backyard of Microsoft, leading everyone to believe this is a completely factual rumor.