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Flexible Tablet Stand Can Support Tablets or Phones

The “Infinite Loop” was invented by Tim Gushue and is a flexible tablet stand in every sense. If you know anything about the “flexible curve” commonly used with woodworking and drawing, then you have a good idea on this design.

The bendable plastic strip measured four feet in length and has a metal core running through the center. This combination allows a user to bend and shape it into any form they choose to support a tablet.

This makes creating an “easel” on any surface a piece of cake, and allows you to set it to any angle. It also features a crossing strap for added security, as well as a suction cup. When set up correctly, there really is no better security for your device.

Gushue also designed a Mini-Loop, which is a two-foot version that can coil up just like a snake and support any phone you have. It also can be attached with a suction cup for added security.