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Is Twitter Soon-to-be Obsolete?

Twitter has been around for five years now, and has been known as a true social media success story.

Twitter features over 200 million subscribers and sees well over 300 billion “tweets” per day. You can barely watch a movie or television show today and not see a reference to Twitter in some way.

They are a bustling hub of information with millions logging on for social interaction, blog updates, commentary and news. The company itself is currently valued at a whopping $8 billion. So, what’s the problem?

The problem is that they had a five-year window in which to make their product indispensible, and it failed to do so. In the meantime, here comes the new Google+ service, rendering Twitter virtually obsolete.

The Google+ features are the perfect blend to send Twitter into oblivion.

Google+ offers “following,” which is similar to Facebook’s “friending.” Following allows you to follow anyone, whether they want you to or not. They also offer a “stream” or “feed,” not much different from Twitter, and the Google version allows you to see posts immediately after they are posted.

The writing is on the wall for Twitter, they had five years to offer something that no one could match… and failed.