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New OnStar FMV Turns for Mirror into a Road Partner

How cool would it be if your rear view mirror could double as a security system, navigator, GPS and heads-up display, all-in-one? Thanks to the OnStar FMV (For My Vehicle) you don’t have to dream of it anymore. This is the first mirror ever packed with OnStar’s full range of services and features. It has all the same features you would find in the regular OnStar in newer vehicles, except this is compatible with over 90 million older model cars, vans and trucks on the road.

In a typical OnStar worthy scenario like a vehicle theft, accident or crime of some sort, there is the Stolen Vehicle Assistance Service, Emergency Service or Roadside Assistance, all available at the push of a blue or red button. This cool gadget will soon be on the shelves at a local Best Buy store.