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The Gro-Clock: A Child’s Perfect Sleep Trainer

Getting an infant to sleep is easy. That is what they do; they sleep and get up, sleep, and get up. The challenge comes along when they hit toddler age. Toddlers are busy during the day and need to get to bed early and recharge for the next day. Getting a toddler to understand this is the hard part. If this sounds like your little one, then check out the sleep trainer for children, the Gro-Clock.

The most obvious feature is the glowing screen with a sun or stars, to indicate a “wake up” or “sleep” time. Most parents just explain to their kids that daytime means being awake and nighttime means being asleep, but not all kids blindly buy into that. This is a great way to show them when the appropriate time for sleep is, in a fun and interactive way. This is also a great tool for teaching kids how to reach digital time.