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Information Leaks out on the New Sony Tablets

An inside company source has come forward with Sony’s plans for the Android devices, and tells us that there will be four S1 versions available at the launch: 16GB Wi-Fi; 16GB 3G and Wi-Fi; 32GB Wi-Fi; and 32GB 3G and Wi-Fi. The S2 will have both the 16GB and 32GB versions, both with 3G and Wi-Fi, but no Wi-Fi-only version. The S1 tablet is said to have a full SD card reader for added storage.

The source also says that the S1 comes with a 9.4-inch IPS display, having Bravia and TruBlack technologies.

The expected battery life for the S1 was not stated, but is rumored to be similar to that of the iPad2. Battery life for the S2 is a complete unknown, but will most likely suffer a bit due to the dual-screen layout. Available accessories for the S1 will include an optional Bluetooth keyboard and a dock.