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Apple Manufacturer Replacing some Workers with Robots

Foxconn, a manufacturer of parts used for the Apple iPad and iPhone, says it intends to replace employees with over a million robots over the next three years.

The robots are to be assigned basic tasks that would normally be done by a human worker, such as assembling parts or welding. Foxconn currently utilizes 10,000 robots, and intends to increase this number to 300,000 within a year, and a million within three years.

By making this move, they hope to improve efficiency and cut labor costs, according to the CEO of Foxconn, Terry Gou.

Foxconn currently has a massive presence in China with over a million workers. The company recently found their way into the headlines after a rash of suicides prompted Sony, Apple, HP and others to investigate the company’s business practices.

Most recently, an explosion at Foxconn’s Chinese Chengdu plant killed two people and injured 16 others.