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The Mini-Motor Made for your Wristwatch

Swiss researchers have invented a small three-phase motor that may be used as the power-source for a new breed of wristwatches. These watches could then operate as GPS units, app devices or mobile phones. These are activities that normally require quite a bit of energy, and can be costly and overbearing, but this micro-electromechanical system can be more than enough.

At Lausanne’s Swiss Federal Institute, researchers have invented this small motor, which is said to put out over three times the energy as that of a typical motor.

This three-phase electricity operates by bringing a trio of alternating currents, all reaching peak voltage at different times, resulting in a steady, constant output of power, rather than the ups and downs of traditional A/C setups. The problem is that it needs three individual coils for carrying the currents and that would take up more space than a typical wristwatch has available.

Details have not been released but the researchers say they have solved this problem with a new method of fabrication. Full details and specs should be out soon.