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Android Overtakes Java Micro as the Most Attacked Platform

Google’s Android is now the most frequently attacked platform, overtaking Java Micro Edition, according to McAfee’s quarterly report on threats.

Of the 1,200 samples of mobile malware analyzed and collected by McAfee Labs in 2011 Q2, nearly 60 percent were said to be aimed at the Android. McAfee says that while mobile malware is a miniscule portion of the malware market, it is clear that criminals prefer to target Android.

Android Malware rose 76 percent from Q1, according to this report. However, it may sound worse than it is when put into perspective. McAfee Labs discovered a total of 44 Android threats over the course of the spring. To put into context, McAfee gathers over 2 million new samples of malware each month for every platform, and discovered over 12 million different varieties of malware the last six months alone.