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The New Porsche Carerra Ready to Make its Debut

The latest edition of the red-hot Porsche 911 is set to publicly debut in Frankfurt, Germany next month, and initial reports paint it as a vast improvement in both efficiency and power. It was this exact same auto show 48 years ago where the predecessor to the 911 was born, called the 901 back then.

This version will be called the 991 model, and it said to offer many improvements from its previous version, the 997.

Taking a leap forward in power, the latest 911 offers a 350 HP beast of an engine, yet amazingly gets 28 MPG. The next step up, the 911S, will offer 400 HP while still hitting 27 MPG.

With all that seems to be different, much has remained the same. The same iconic Porsche look lives on, as does the 6-cylinder engine being situated at the rear of the vehicle.