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Why Google is Still the Search Engine of Choice for SEO

Google has taken the hard work out of our hands. When it comes to SEO, Google is really the sole search engine you need to be concerned with. Google has had at least 65 percent of the organic SE market share in each of the last ten years, and currently has 84 percent. However, their popularity isn’t the only reason they should be what you set your sights on. The truth is that the other major search engines have patterned themselves after Google, so as long as you are making Google happy, you are probably pleasing all the search engines.

This is in no small way because of their dominance. They laid out the standard for search engines, and everyone else followed suit. Bing has tried to distance itself from Google by claiming to be the “answer engine,” yet your site is indexed with them pretty much the same way it is with Google.

So, if you want successful SEO results, focus on Google first and foremost.