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Hyundai’s Hope on Wheels Tour Hits the Road

A Hyundai Tucson recently departed on a trip from San Francisco, as it headed to Los Angeles on the initial leg of its journey. This was no family getaway though. The vehicle is scooping up handprints from children along the route as it makes stops at pediatric cancer centers. It also isn’t burning any gasoline on its ride, as it has a fuel cell stack that can convert hydrogen to electricity for its motor.

This is Hyundai’s Hope on Wheels tour and it has two objectives. One is to raise awareness for pediatric cancer, and the second is to present hospitals with grants of $100,000 to help fund research. At each stop, children stricken with cancer and those who have beaten it will add handprints to the vehicle.

This is a great cause, and the vehicle itself is a wonder.

The vehicle can hit 100-mph and this generation of Hyundai’s fuel cell stack will operate for 5,000 hours (the equivalent of 100,000 miles of driving).