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Fisker Engines will be Supplied by BMW

BMW has announced that they will be supplying the engine for the new Fisker vehicle. Fisker Automotive confirmed this news, and says that BMW will also be supplying a few other components for their “Project Nina” vehicle.

BMW has made a hefty commitment to Fisker, promising to provide 100,000 four-cylinder engines each year for Fisker, and every engine will be turbocharged as well.

The Fisker model is yet to be named and is tentatively scheduled to hit the sales floor in the United States in 2013. It will begin being produced at a Delaware ex-GM plant in 2012.

“Project Nina” is being hailed as the sequel plug-in hybrid to Fisker’s Karma model, which is a four-door plug-in hybrid performance car.

Fisker anticipates the price tag being in the $39,000 area.

Fisker received loans from the U.S. Government to the tune of near $530 million in 2009 to create this new model in the United States. The company says it will result in the creation of over 5,000 new jobs.