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Bull-Riding Teaches About Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneur is announcing the premiere of ‘Looks Easy,’ an original web series. It’s based, initially, about the man in the arena getting out of his comfort zone and looking for the uncertain and unsettling. Understanding the risk, there are three things understood about the goal. Not what’s normally expected from Entrepreneur Magazine, nonetheless, a new window into taking action opposed to talking heads.

Paris Streets Transformed By Art

French artist Le CyKlop has been adding a little fun to the public fixtures and spaces by making them into playful and imaginative art pieces. Locals and tourists both have been enjoying his art. He turns street signs, bollards, or parking posts, and other structures in Paris into a colorful one-eyed monster or a LEGO mini-figure, or different types of art like manga, toys, myths, animals and more. A very nice way to brighten up the city and bring a smile to the face while traveling through Paris, or living there.