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Google+ Beating Facebook When it comes to Privacy – For Now

Google’s answer to Facebook debuted on Tuesday, named Google+. The internet giant is presenting it as a Facebook alternative.

Facebook’s most glaring weakness has always been privacy, with its practices constantly under attack as being self-serving, ever-mutating and confusing. Privacy controls continue to be hard to navigate, regardless of their efforts to simplify things. For example, there is a button to click if you don’t want your “Likes” included with ads; good luck finding it!

Not to mention that their privacy policy comes in at 6,000 words.

So, what is different with the Google+ privacy policy?

For beginners, it’s only 1,000 words. This is a little deceiving though, as the Facebook policy covers their entire list of services, whereas the Google policy links to other policies.

However, the policy itself is simple and direct, including its policy on acceptable forms of behavior.