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Job-Search Behavior to Avoid: Part 2

Here are a few more real-life examples of what to avoid when job-hunting.

Don’t sell yourself Short

This is an actual story from a friend at a placement agency. She had a short list of two finalists for a sweet sales management position. She just got finished discussing the opening with her hiring manager, who told her that “Frank” was most likely getting the job.

Five minutes later, “Frank” called her to tell her that if he wasn’t going to get the management job that he would be happy with a simple territory sales position. He was subsequently hired into that position, and the other candidate was given the better job. Remain focused on your objective and never grovel.

Don’t let Obstacles slow you down

This is actually a real story from a friend of mine who has been desperately seeking a job. He told me that he recently had secured an interview, and upon arriving at 5:20PM, the main entrance was locked. I asked him what he did; did he go find another way in? Did he call the hiring manager or the HR department to ask what was up? He said no, he just left to go home. Furthermore, not surprisingly, when he got home, he had a message from the hiring manager stating that the door would be locked and that he needed to proceed around back. He decided to not call them or attempt to reschedule, and gave up on that particular job. It takes hard work to secure an interview, don’t let anything stand in your way.