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Job-Search Behavior to Avoid: Part 1

Our economy may be slowly recovering, but employers are still slow to offer jobs and hire new employees. This can be highly frustrating for job seekers, and makes it all that much more important to not act in a counterproductive way if you do secure an interview. Here are a few things you definitely want to avoid, based on real stories from employers.


Do Your Homework

One employer tells of a potential employee with a superb application. He e-mailed the individual and asked him if he would be available for a short interview. The response from the job-seeker indicated that he “might” have time for an interview, and then proceeded to ask questions like where the company is located, who the CEO is, what the starting salary was, etc. These were all things that were either in the job posting or available by searching their website. This person was immediately removed from consideration, don’t let this be you.

Remember who you are interviewing with

You know the question will be coming, so why are so many people unprepared for it? At some point during the interview you will be asked to tell a story from past employment that demonstrates your ability to do the job they have available. Keep the company in mind when telling your story. If you are applying at a large company, then telling a story of how you helped a team of four people develop a marketing plan isn’t going to demonstrate your “big business” skills. Conversely, if you are applying at a small non-profit company, they won’t be impressed to hear how you linked 14 departments in a multi-million dollar expansion project. Suit your answer to the employer.