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Police Help Apple Track down Missing iPhone

Here is more proof that history can indeed repeat itself. The San Francisco Police Department has confirmed that they have helped Apple search for an iPhone 5 prototype that disappeared in July. The iPhone 4 was dealt a similar fate prior to its release. Don’t get too excited yet, as there is unfortunately no leaked photographic evidence of the phone.

More hours after completely denying any involvement in the hunt for the iPhone 5 prototype, the San Francisco P.D. decided to come clean. The department says that four plainclothes officers, accompanied by two investigators from Apple, conducted a search led by a GPS trace on the device. The officers did not enter the home as Apple’s security team searched a man’s computer and house for any evidence of the iPhone 5.

If you are like most people, you are a bit skeptical. Do you doubt which iPhone they were looking for? Well, here is some convincing evidence. The police department officially named the Word document concerning the search “iPhone5.doc.”

The only thing that is unclear now is whether Apple actually retrieved the phone. Rumors say that it may have been hawked on Craigslist for 200 bucks.