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Phone Thief Identifies Himself via Photobucket, Accidentally of Course

Photobucket has introduced a cool new mobile application. It allows a user to upload a mobile picture to the photo-sharing site automatically. Who wouldn’t love that? Korey Heess probably doesn’t care for it, as this genius apparently snapped a self-portrait that the police used to nab him as a smartphone crook.

Salinas, California police had been looking into a series of purse snatchings at area stores. A recent victim found some alarming evidence recently. Shortly after having her phone stolen, a woman logged into her Photobucket account, only to see the picture of a man with earrings and a goatee.

The man apparently stared directly at a mirror as he took a self-picture.

According to Terry Gerhardstein, Commander of the Salinas PD, the woman recognized the man immediately.

Using the photo, the police tied him to two other crimes, and received many tips after broadcasting the picture on local television.

Tipsters identified the man as 26-year-old Korey Heess, of Salinas. He was subsequently arrested and charged with theft and felony robbery.