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Grocers who were looking to break the “paper or plastic” chain are quickly realizing that a small dose of green thinking isn’t doing the trick.

Many large chains, including Safeway and Kroger are beginning to drift away from their “pennies-per-bag’ programs, stating that it isn’t doing enough to keep consumers from just forgetting their bags in the car or at home.

The Ford Motor Company has developed the smallest engine ever produced by their company, in an effort to help consumers combat the ever-rising gasoline prices. They are also trying to get ahead of the curve, in advance of stricter federal fuel economy guidelines.

The Washington D.C. Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the Environmental Protection Agency for standards of performance for new and future medical and hospital incinerators of infectious waste.

In 1997, the EPA was able to pass the “Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources and Emissions Guidelines for Existing Sources: Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators.” There were subsequent successful challenges to that ruling, remanding it back to the EPA in 1999 for review.

Have you ever wondered what the difference between alternative fuel vehicles like flex fuel, electric and hybrid was? So have I, so here is a quick rundown of some of the alternative vehicles currently on the market, as well as a few still being developed.

When it comes to protecting your phone from dings, scratches and scuffs, there is no shortage of pouches, skins and covers, but what is there to protect you from the bacteria your phone inherently picks up?

The answer is the ecoskin, an earth-friendly cover for your smart phone that comes with its own protection against bacteria.

The plant and animal life in the United States’ southwestern corner have come to adapt to fire, but not the type of fires that are currently out of control in Arizona.

The result of human mismanagement and drought, these mega-fires could change the ecology of the entire southwest. Entire forests may be erased permanently, as this is just another way society is altering the modern landscape.