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The New Panasonic Coffee Maker: Enjoy Tasty Java and Helping the Earth

Are you a coffee lover? Do you make eco-friendly purchases? Well, if you can answer yes to both those question, then Panasonic has something for you. As a way to promote their dedication to their new recycling and energy efficiency initiative, the Senseo Viva Café Eco is Panasonic’s way of demonstrating how serious they are about it.

This new model works the same way as practically any other coffee maker. However, it’s not the features that sets it apart, but rather the fact that it is made from recycled plastic and discarded e-waste. The remaining plastic components are made from 100% recycled material, and even its metal parts are 45% from recycled materials.

Panda Poop: The Answer to our Fuel Crisis?

As a society, we are constantly searching for inexpensive fuel alternatives. Who would have thought that the answer may lie at the back end of the cutest mammal on the planet? Adored by the entire world, Pandas, and more particularly, their poop may offer us an alternative biofuel which could be a partial answer to the never ending call for a cleaner energy choice.

How to make your Morning Coffee Green (not literally!)

We have all made an environmental concession or two in our lives. Mine happens to involve coffee, and I really love my coffee. There are far grander ventures I could have chosen, but why not coffee? After all; besides crude oil, coffee is the highest traded commodity on the planet.