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SunPower has big ideas these days, especially after 60 percent of their solar energy firm was bought this spring by Total S.A., a French oil powerhouse. After recently launching the world’s most efficient solar cell, they have followed that up by unveiling the construction plans for the largest North American solar roof.

Every time the average American takes a trip to the gas station they start to see Hybrid vehicles as more of an option. After all, they promise a lessened environmental impact, great value and wonderful fuel economy.

However, before you drive off the lot in your hybrid, expecting to change your entire world, check out the latest finding by the Union of Concerned Scientists. What they found is that hybrid vehicles don’t offer the benefits you might expect.

It is not always easy to remember, but changing or at least cleaning your furnace filter every month during heating season is of great importance. A dirty filter will restrict airflow, resulting in a spike on your heating bill each month. One great idea is to mark a date on your calendar each month so you won’t forget.

The water supply in the United States is considered to be safer than in most parts of the world. Only 15 million Americans are not receiving treated water from their public water system.

Mazda is giving people a sneak preview of the CX-5, their newest crossover, with a debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The sculpted styling speaks to their Kodo designing, but what’s important lies beneath the hood.

On Tuesday, House Republicans failed in their attempt to stop the passing of new standards for energy-saving light bulbs. Their feeling was that this was just another example of the government needlessly interfering in the lives of citizens.

The proposed GOP bill was intended to stop these standards from going into effect in 2012. Two-thirds majority was needed, and they feel short, with a vote of 233-193.