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Property Managers: Hosting an E-recycling Event is Just Good Business

Every property manager would like to create goodwill with local businesses and their immediate community – it’s just good business. One easy and effective way property managers can generate this goodwill, while also realizing lasting business benefits, is to host computer and electronic device recycling (e-recycling) events at their properties.

Why take the time to host an e-recycling event?

1.    You are providing a valuable community service. Your e-recycling event will immediately position you and your property as an environmentally friendly, responsible and caring business. There are very specific processes to recycling electronics and by making it quick and easy for your community to responsibly dispose their old devices your value, reputation and profile will grow.

2.    Helping the environment means helping your business. Most people want to be eco-friendly and you are the one making it easy and convenient. Many electronic devices contain harmful metals that when thrown in the trash not only fill landfills but can contaminate air, water and soil. Your e-recycling event will help your community properly dispose of electronic devices. They win. You win. The environment wins.

3.    E-recycling companies make it easy. There are dedicated companies that meet strict Federal standards for e-recycling processes and procedures that can make your event an easy success. They will come to your location, provide receptacles, help you organize you event and then take the materials away for proper disposal.

4.    Data security for businesses and individuals. Most people and businesses don’t realize that that virtually every electronic device they use including computers, printers, copiers, fax, cell phones, tablets, external drives and more are each storing their personal, proprietary and internal corporate data. At some e-recycling events people can actually watch their hard drives, etc., being destroyed..

Property Managers: Start Here

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